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Coffee Clickr is a top down adventure game when you play as a weird start-up employee in a dystopian universe.

Your goal is to do tasks such as make photocopies, scan documents, worship cthulhu in between, accept new law or projet made by an AI... Typical start-up bullshit job stuff. In between tasks, you need to keep your stamina high by drinking coffee on your path, it's coffee time ! When you drink coffee, the game is paused, your stamina is recover and you can see all the open-space map and your tasks along coffee, remember them to take the right path ! But beware, the more you drink coffee, the more coffee you'll need to have this coffee time pause !

Controls :

WASD to move

Left click on tasks to execute them.

You automatically trigger coffee when you walk on them.

This game was made in 24 hours with a theme : "Pause café"

Our Team :

Valentin 'ToshNobody' Stemetz : Game design and level design

Ambre : Narrative Design and game design, 2D Art

Luigi : 2D Art, Game design

Guillaume d'Arcy-orga : Sound designer and composer

Sylve "Oxy" : Dev and game design


BBQGameJamEnhanced.zip 42 MB

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